Polyvagal Workshop: Your Nervous System Knows The Way


Your Nervous System Knows the Way:

How to Move From Protection to Connection

Imagine having the most sophisticated computer. This computer is highly intuitive, is able to protect you from danger, can store your memories, and takes into account your own unique history in order to help you with life’s problems. Imagine if you never fully understood how this computer worked, if you just let it operate in the background without taking advantage of all the perks, declining the “update software’ prompt for decades, and getting upset with it when it tries to provide information.

The nervous system acts just like this computer. It influences our memories, movement, and monitors the body’s internal environment. And just like a computer, it’s important to understand and learn how to engage with our nervous system so we can unlock insight, identify options, and gain compassion for ourselves and others.

Feeling like we are in a constant brain fog, short tempered, or unable to process information can all be a survival response activated by our nervous system. By having an understanding of the nervous system we can reduce shame, connect with others, have more clarity of mind, and create a sense of peace.

In this 75 minute workshop we will use meditation, reflective exercises, and guided questions to help you learn about your own nervous system and your unique survival responses. You’ll be given practical tools and exercises to help monitor and shift the states that your nervous system may be in. This workshop will demystify survival responses and provide skills that will allow you to have an awakened awareness of what our mind and body may need to create safety.

If you’d like to explore the incredible power of your nervous system and develop tools to help you move from protection to connection then I invite you to sign up for this workshop.

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