Beyond Grit Workshop


Beyond Grit: Boosting Growth Mindset


As industries and work lives continue to change and intensify most people experience a degree of:


  •     Interpersonal conflicts with colleagues
  •     Responding to failures and setbacks
  •     Professional trajectories that need course correction 
  •     Job uncertainty or role change
  •     Burnout or chronic work stress


White knuckling through these difficulties provides some effectiveness, but attempting to grit and grind your way through challenging situations is not enough. What if there was a way to do more than endure problems at work? WHat if you and your team could actually engage in effective assessment of the issues you’re facing, address them with increased motivation, and in a way that enhances professional growth?

You need more than grit in your tool kit!

Beyond Grit provides researched based skills to enhance the fortitude needed to get through professional and personal challenges! Using approaches from the works of renowned psychologists Dr. Brach, Dr. Germer and Dr. Neff, the Beyond Grit program focuses on three core components:


  • Mindfulness: Training the brain to be present to create clarity and balance


  • Common Humanity: Cultivating a sense of interconnectedness to others


  • Self-Kindness: Rather than attack and harshly criticize ourselves for shortcomings we develop the skill of balanced accountability.


The Beyond Grit program has been designed to help leaders and their team navigate change and work through difficult situations with more enduring and sustainable effectiveness. 

Beyond Grit targets the ineffective and harmful self-dialogue that most people experience when facing adversity. By building on proven mindfulness frameworks and integrating leading edge self-compassion research, Beyond Grit empowers individuals and teams to approach personal and professional challenges with more openness, authenticity and accountability.

This approach can create a strategic advantage in innovation, retention of talented people, profitability, and prevents burnout.

Beyond Grit is an experiential program that enhances practical skills that helps leaders and employees to positively impact productivity, and strengthen resilience and growth mindset (rather than relying on grit alone).

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